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Bitter with War

I received a letter from my brother in Boston today, telling me of his fear and worry for the future. What struck me most and filled me with sorrow was his sense of despair, saying that nothing could stop Bush from doing anything he wanted. I didn’t recognize the fear in his voice until I read his letter a second time, and I realized that the atmosphere around him in America was overhwelming him, breaking down his defenses and confidence. Talk of war and destruction, lies, deception, injustice has been going on much too long. People are at a breaking point all over the world.

I cannot give in to despair. That world of the arcing sun, of clouds of birds, of wind and rain, people dragging themselves out of bed in the morning to head off to work, of children’s laughter, of seeds sprouting and dogs barking… this is what I live for. And I can’t abandon it. I must protect it anyway I can. It is the treasure of my life, all life. Life and the Earth are what it is all about.

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