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Piece of Cake

Sometimes I wonder about people’s ability to really empathize and understand other people, especially those whom they dislike or are fighting with.

Sometimes I wonder about people’s ability to really empathize and understand other people, especially those whom they dislike or are fighting with. I read this article earlier ( Time To Do Away with the PA ) and, though it did make me angry, mainly it just made me shake my head. Is it really possible that this Mr. Levy can not see the lopsidedness of his view of the situation?

I wrote a letter back to him:

Dear Mr. Levy,

Perhaps you are right about the Palestinian, as you say, “Authority” needing to be done away with. But while the parties concerned are at it, why not also do away with the present Israeli “leadership”? That self-respect, personal sacrifice, and political audacity that you say would so become the Palestinians if they would only adopt it would work wonders on the other side, too.People who support Israel and attempt to include Palestinians in the equation so often use the argument that everyone would be better off if the Israelis were to take the reins. It completely ignores the very basis of the whole conflict: that both sides want to be recognized for their existence and for their legitimacy in the area. It is actually a completely silly conflict, just a bunch of hard-headed people refusing to simply accept one another.

I have another proposal, one which neither side would really like:

Why not get rid of both the Israeli and Palestinian states and create one new state, which is neither Israel nor Palestine but both, something new? Then neither side can claim to be fighting for or defending against some ideological fantasy. “Israel” and “Palestine” are just names. Are all those lives worth losing for the sake of these endlessly repeated names?

But of course, I’m just going to be declared “simple minded” and “naive”. Fighting over a who’s right or wrong, or whether my piece of the cake is bigger than yours never has been my forte. I always thought the cake was for everyone to share. That’s what always made the parties fun.

Miguel Arboleda
Tokyo, Japan

The thing to say here, every time is, “If only life were so simple.” Perhaps people should say, “If only we could see that life is so simple.” Really, what is so hard about the problem, other than enormous resentments and egos?

2 replies on “Piece of Cake”

So right on Miguel!! Oh, how I wish people would cut through what some unfortunately and with misdirection (there is a path to peace and it can be followed) do refer to as “simple-minded” or “naive”. I also reflected on the thought that all too often people insist upon cutting out their “piece of the pie” or their turf and how power struggles do rage on. Yet simplicity is best and I do think it would be great if a grass roots movement “A Piece of Cake” could gain momentum by others writing – the power of the pen and or keyboard can be a power that is positive – PLEASE let’s do something. Again, I ask like others have – if not now? then when? if not me? then who?


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