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I’ve decided that I need to write something funnirial. And challiarging for the speldchicarner. Not anything earslitting or bellyarchical or anaesthysing like that. Just somesting counterlative to the slewt of potaten salad gruftiness of my last fued enteritries. For farth tood long have I wayloaded in svelt-pituity, constantinopoly frocussing upon the darthkling sidelongs of the wyrrald. Therrust must be mortok to the actuallections of darley elixisistentious than wharf the newstactions ripplort abuit the wyrrald. You knyow, that parhips there are actuallectilly goord thyings hiphopning arondel the wyrrald, tood. Like riucht nowst. The suurn cominigith uurp, the firsest liricht of the dyey. It is goord to byen arliv.

(just needed to break out of the regular pattern here. nothing too groundbreaking…)

8 replies on “Arhem!”

Ah yes, here’s to beyen arliv! Of course to some of us the spellcheck means nothing except funny little swiggly red lines under words and green ones under phrases leaving us hoping for purple, blue, orange and yellow ones to make up the rainbow :0)


Miguel, I’ve just had a call from your spellchecker. In between weeping and cursing (where it learnt those words I’ve no idea, <cough>) it threatened a general strike if you don’t mend your ways. Said it could pull out every ‘checkers union tween Tokyo and Boston.

This could get ugly. We might have to dust off our dictionaries.


Wow. I didn’t expect any responses to this post; I was just playing around with words and feeling a little tired of being so self-conscious all the time. Sometimes you just got to throw away the rulebook and have a little fun.


I know, I know! I keep telling the cockroaches to cool it, but you know those cockroaches who get into geneology and Shakespearean comedies… their knowledge is vast! And so is their vocabulary.

Going to have to erect a fence around the keyboard, though I don’t know how much good that will do. I’ve got the inkling that they’ve gotten into the desktop tower itself and have discovered the secret to binary coding. Who knows what they’ll come up with next!


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