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Several people now have commented that they are no longer able to see my pictures when they open my blog.

Several people now have commented that they are no longer able to see my pictures when they open my blog. I’m sorry I haven’t answered anyone yet about it, but I have no idea what is wrong. The pictures load fine on my system (Mac OS 10.3.3 and OS 9.2.2, on all four computers), and a number of other people with Windows all seem to not be having any problems either.

For those of you who are not seeing my pictures, are you all using Windows, or is it a Mac problem, too? Which browsers are you all using? All my browsers (Mac versions, unfortunately) of Safari, Netscape, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, and Firefox (iCab downloads the pictures but plays hash with the layout, and OmniWeb just crashes) do just fine with downloading the pictures.

I’m not sure how many of you tweak your browser preferences, but it might make a difference if you go to your menu, click the application name (in Mac) or, I think, the “edit” submenu in Windows, scroll down to “preferences”, go to the equivalent of “web content” (in Internet Explorer) and either check or uncheck the equivalent of “show pictures”. If the box is unchecked for “show pictures” that might be the problem with your browser failing to download the photographs.

But then, some people have said that they see the pictures in others’ pages, but not mine. So it may be a problem on my end. But I haven’t a clue what it might be. Let me do some foraging around and I’ll get back to you all. It may be a few days. I’m just too busy right now to be off on blogging goose chases! Ahhhh!

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I link to your blog through my sister’s blog (Bashasgarden). Your pictures come through beautifully. I have a MAC OS X and use AOL most of the time. I can also access through Internet Explorer without any problems………


Butuki: can see them fine here at work (OS X/Safari) but was experiencing very slow download times for *some* of the photos this morning at home, where we’re on a modem. (In fact I gave up waiting.)


I don’t know whether this is related, Miguel, but the photo files are about twice the size they need to be to display at acceptable quality. The cherry blossom cascade, for instance, is about 42K, and a program like Macromedia Fireworks can easily cut that down to about 24K with no appreciable loss in quality.


Aha, thanks for the input, everyone. Chris and Bill, I think you both nailed down the problem… I’ve been using Fireworks to optimize my photos, but must not have allowed the program to do its job automatically and the photos are bigger than they ought to be, so, as Bill suggested, the downloading process on people’s browsers must have timed out before the photos made it through. Right. I’ll get to the problem. Hope everything works out then!


The “Export Preview” function in Fireworks is extremely helpful. You can set desired compression, palettes, and the like and see what the file will look like before saving changes. Also note the “magic wand” button in Export Preview which, when clicked, allows you to specify a target file size, which Fireworks will then shoot just below.


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