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At Last!

I’m not usually into posting links to computer information and such, but this is something I’ve been very eagerly waiting for over the last six months: TypeKey. It’s a free authentication service from Six Apart, the makers of Movable Type, the web-based blogging application. Six Apart just came out with Movable Type 3.0, which is supposed to have a lot of improvements over the last 2.6 version.

TypeKey allows those who sign on the one time free subscription to post comments to all blogs also participating in the service, while protecting the bloggers from comment spam. I’m sure there are a lot of people out there who would welcome this service, so I’m posting the information here. Those who use TypePad for their blogs are already automatically signed on, so you may want to look at your profiles and change what needs changing.

The instructions for activating TypeKey have not been posted by Six Apart yet, but I hope they will in a few days. If I do start up TypeKey, it will mean many readers who come to this site will most likely need to sign up, too, so that you can access my comments.

What does everyone think about this? Do you welcome it, or is it a hassle?


It looks like I might very well give up Movable Type. I hadn’t noticed when I wrote my earlier post that the new licensing and pricing are going to make it very hard to justify moving up to MT 3.0. At $70.00 for a basic personal license, with a maximum allowance of 5 authors and 5 blogs, I find the price very steep. I have another blog with TypePad and that service allows far greater leeway with what you choose to create. It’s a shame. I was so looking forward to using Movable Type 3.0, even if it meant paying a little for it. From the incredible backlash at Six Apart, it looks like the people there may have their hands very full as a huge support base may very well shift to other software. What a terrible way to lose your customers.

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I dunno. I’m wary of anything that gets in the way of the conversation. I do use Typepad, so it’s not a hassle for me but I’d sure hate to do anything to deter people from commenting on my blog.


To tell the truth, I dislike having to register at web sites. when I follow a link to a story at a news site, for example, and a registration request comes up in the window, most of the time I just back out. I make exceptions if I really, really feel like i want to go there. Probably I will wind up registering at Typekey if you have to only do it once for all websites, just because there are going to be so many people who decide to use it. But I bet there will be plenty who do not.

Do you have to sign up to read the comments or only to post?


i’ve only been reading your entries for a couple of days so i wouldn’t really count my opinion on the matter. but if you insist, i’d say no coz it would be quite sad for first time visitors who’d like to comment. but if you get much spam, then yes, perhaps you need it.


I would like to say that I would certainly not mind signing up for TypeKey (as I have already done so) and using it to comment. In fact, I’m wrestling with whether to require TypeKey registration to comment on my own site — I get some spam, not that much compared to more heavily trafficked sites — but for now will be allowing both TypeKey and non-TypeKey commenting until I put up a new policy and request the opinion of my readers.

In the case of your site, Miguel, I’d certainly not mind signing in to TypeKey. (I’m already signed in anyway.)

Bill, as far as I know — based on my little tests of MT 3.0 Developer’s Edition on my site — you should be able to read the comments even if you are not signed up for TypeKey. But if you want to comment, and the site owner has set MT to accept only TypeKey registered commenters, you’ll either have to bite the bullet or not comment.


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