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What About Within the States?

Another question needs to be asked: all those September 11th suspects who were secreted away in the States and who have not been mentioned in the news for a very long time now, what happened to them? Are they being abused, too? Is anyone going to force an inquiry into this, or is it just too unpalatable for Americans to ponder? If there is nothing to hide, then why are they being held in secret?

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Unfortunately, they seem to have been subjected to abuse as well. I think it was the NY Times that had a piece on them lately, or maybe It’s not been picked up more widely as far as I know.



All the ones who ended up in Guantanmo have for sure been tortured in similiar ways as the prisoners in Iraq. General Miller was in charge of Guantanamo when he “advised” the Iraqi prison camps on how to more effectively extract information from the inmates.

It’s turning out to be a very sad year… and it’s only May.


Lately I think the world situation has been deeply affecting people around the world. A lot of people are talking about a great “sinking feeling”. Even the blogs seem to have lost focus. I know that I’m having a hard time finding what to say without sounding angry or full of despair.

It’s amazing that a few people with such awful agendas on their minds can affect so many people around the world. What’s so hard is that the majority of the world has no say in the matter. It’s very hard to feel sympathetic towards Americans (even though I’m trying very hard not to get too carried away with my anger), even the ones who have nothing to do with all this, or who oppose it, because they are the ones, essentially, who have been letting this go on by not immediately getting rid of Bush and his cronies. To be still debating all this is unforgiveable. That there are still a huge number of Americans who support all this… well, it just shows you what the rest of the world means to them… nothing, basically.

It’s hard to be sympathetic toward a people who think nothing of you. And to be subjected to this towering arrogance, both the warlike kind, and the saintly kind… grrrr, it just pops my lid!

Many people speak nonchalantly about “finding peace inside myself” by not taking sides or getting angry, but then, they are not the subjects of all this, are they? It’s very easy to talk about neutrality and philosophical distancing when some foreign power’s warplanes are not flying over your home, shaking the windows (let alone bombing the neighborhood) or you have to worry about people you love and know possibly getting killed, abused, or harrassed.

In all the discussions on my blog and other blogs I’ve visited, very very few non-whites and non-westerners have participated. The whole discussion is lopsided. And that very much influences how those on the internet see what is happening. None of the ire and fury and outrage from those who are being subjected to the worst truly comes out, especially because those of the English speaking world are not privy to the languages of other worlds.

It is a very sad year indeed. I wonder if we are all going to learn anything at all from it. I wonder if I can learn to be a better person because of it?


I’ve been going through some deep funk since the torture stories started surfacing… mostly alternating between rage and frustration.

The only way for now to keep these feelings from completely overshadowing my life has been to spend lots of quality time with my wife and to go out of the house and enjoy nature. It helps – but I have to stay away from the news to get a lasting effect…

I feel very much helpless about doing something against these atrocities and the people who allowed this to happen, since I am actually financing this madness with my very own tax money while I have no political voice whatsoever in the US on account of being a foreign worker.

Writing about what I feel and think about these events in my blog has actually helped me – maybe only a few hundred people see these entries every week, but if I can only convince one more person to do the right thing in the voting booth, it was worth it.

I think that many bloggers are frustrated because they don’t see an immediate effect from all our efforts in the news… but I think that what is happening with the blogs will be very important once seen in hindsight – we are providing a broad, international chorus of voices that can not be censored and that will be archived. Something like this has never existed before.

We are in the same position as the first newspaper publishers – they were probably also wondering who the hell they are going to influence.

I’m convinced that we are onto a good thing here.

Your blog is maybe only one small droplet freefalling out of the clouds – but look around: We are the rain falling onto the information desert.


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