Journal Musings

Stone Bit

Damn developers are at it again this time flipping sides so that my bedroom window facing north now sports a new set of blue nylon tarpaulin clad scaffolding just like eight months ago to the south outside my living room window where a new neighbor obstructed my view of the sky with this monstrosity of a house that only now is getting its finishing touches to the driveway via the rat-a-tat-rat-a-tat-rat-a-tat-rat-a-tat-rat-a-tat-rat-a-tat-atat-tat-tat-tat-tat-tat of the pneumatic chisel that is making so much noise even the feisty brown-eared-bulbul who comes visiting by perching upon the spine of the aluminum fence every afternoon for tea has deemed it necessary to take his felicitations elsewhere and the yellow leaves decoupling from the skeleton of the zelkova sapling outside my study window feel the ever so suggestive quivering of the air as they fall and I have no where else to go for the time being.

Via Elck for his collection of One Line Posts

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