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Sorry everyone for the recent disappearance of my comments writing field. I haven’t a clue what has caused this and I’ve been going through all my plugins and administrative hoochie-koochie trying to figure it out. A real waste of a perfectly good weekend.

To top it off I seem to have attracted the unrelenting attention of some hideous trackback spammer who has every day been sending hundreds of spam to my site. I’ve tried everything to stop the bastard, including turning on being logged in to comment, but I can’t shake him. And last night, by chance, I discovered that the bathybius has seen fit a few weeks ago to hack into my account and create an unauthorized folder with spam links there. Aaaaarrrrggghhhh! I’d like to….!

Give me a few days to figure this out. I’ve been sitting here half the day and I really need to get outside for some fresh air.


Phew! Got the comments worked out. Seemed like I installed a certain plugin a little while ago that set my front page to a static page. That’s part of what I want to develop in the site, but not with the set up I have now. It should be working now.

8 replies on “Gremlins”

Hello May- Thanks for the weekend good wishes! It’s a beautiful sunny day here so I’ll only be here a few minutes before I head outside for a long bicycle ride. I also stopped by your blog a few moments ago. I’ll definitely go back later to take a more leisurely look around. As to purposefully removing the comments… no, I think that would defeat my purpose in blogging. After several years now of keeping this online journal my focus has changed quite a lot, from political tirades against what was happening in Iraq, to longer, more contemplative posts about what being alive means to me, with quite a few pauses along the way when I considered stopping the blog entirely. I recently realized, while discussing this with Pete from Pohanginapete (who, both sadly and joyously, is off blogging for about a year now as he travels) that what keeps me coming back is the connection with people I really like, some of whom I’ve met in real life. While I did post a political commentary the other day, it is not something I intend to do regularly any more. I’d rather take time to write longer, more thoughtful posts and then discuss these with people who come here than to get something up every day just for the purpose of getting something up. I don’t really care about my ranking in the internet. As long as I can have memorable discussions with people and write the best that I can then the blog will not have been a complete waste of precious time. So the comment feature is very important. WIthout them I will not blog (yes, I too, think this word is like an unbaked lump of dough in the mouth).

Cliff, I stopped by your blog, too, and really like what I saw. I only read four of your posts, but there is some really sensitive and heartfelt writing there. I know exactly how it feels to be sitting in Newark Airport as you are about to set off for Asia while leaving someone you care about behind. I’ll be stopping by, but for now please give me some time to get away from the computer for a few hours.



I don’t know… Isn’t that what you call something that takes up all of your time, with your face planted centimeters away from the face of another, talking for hours and hours about meaningless nothings, and then, when you’re through, you have no idea what it was all about?

You got me blushing intensely, Heather! (•v•)/”


Yours are good reasons for blogging – those who care about ranking must have a psychological problem.

It is a beautiful sunny day here in Southern Europe too.

PS – The blue column on the left looks pretty.


Found you through Andy. I notice you are using WP. I had the comment spam and trackback problem for a while. After installing Spam Karma 2 (free plug-in) I’ve had no more problem. You might wish to check it out…


I’ve noticed an increase in spam too, though we switched to TextPattern a while ago and it was almost non-existent for a while.

Hope you had a great bike ride! What are you riding these days??


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