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My Picture 1

It can’t all be serious! I think I’ve been sounding more or less like a brooding trogolodyte these last few weeks, as if all I do is walk around with a personal cloud raining on my head. Well, you can rest assured that I haven’t died quite yet. As evidenced by this interaction with my new computer, there are moments in my threadbare office when even I can loosen the bolts a bit and come undone. Hope this doesn’t make all of you lose faith in my sanity!

My Picture 2

What to do? This place has gotten me all twisted out of shape. At times I don’t know what is up or down and I have doubts about my own ability to show some backbone…

My Picture 3

Never fear! Everything that you thought was important, is not. Everything you held most dear, an illusion. You can laugh it all off and never lack for material…

My Picture 4

But, of course, it is then so easy to let it all go to your head, that indifference and pooling of outdated trivia…

My Picture 5

All my life I struggled with what it means to be a truly good person. And the closer I try to come to the ideal, the more the mirror reflects what looks like… a gnome?

My Picture 6

I seem to be a dichotomy, shoulder to shoulder with my own headaches… What’s that? You want me to pop the blackhead on the end of my nose? Sometimes I just don’t appreciate being frank with myself…

My Picture 8

Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and just be yourself. No need for exaggeration. Even if all the color drains from your eyes.

My Picture 7

Okay, I give up. I’d rather close my eyes and float away on daydreams than shoulder the burden of embarressment. Oh? I guess it’s true what they say… the best writing comes when you skip the “I’s” and settle for the “he’s” and “she’s” and “they’s”. Why focus on yourself?

9 replies on “Ridiculous!”

That first photo is pretty much the way I’ve imagined you.

Just kidding! Actually, the last two look good, but it’s a little frustrating that we can’t see larger versions.


Thank YOU for sniggering! You know, Dave, that perhaps caricature brings out aspects of the truth, so you may not be far off in what you imagined!

Marja-Leena, it’s a program that comes with the new Mac computers called “Photo Booth”. Really a lot of fun. Now I have to find some others to con into joining me for further adventures in yoga imagery…


This is a great post – usually I expect a thoughtful – and sometimes a little heavy – reflection on life when I stop by at the Laughing Knees. But then I see this! Now I’ll be smiling all evening thinking of your Photo Booth experiments… 🙂


Thomas! It’s good to see you’re still around! It’s really been a while, hasn’t it? Thanks, really, for dropping by. I have to stop by your site again.. been so long since I did any real blog surfing…


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