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Bad Dream/ Scene from a Book

Lordover Gate

A pen and ink illustration from a dream I once had. It is also a brainstorming drawing of a scene from a book I am writing.

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I know I haven’t exhibited much of my drawing work in this blog and I wanted to start getting back into working with my drawings. For a while I will be putting up mostly older stuff. There are all kinds, a lot of it never shown to anyone before. This drawing is just one example of what I draw, but drawing with pen and ink is perhaps my favorite medium. That and pen, ink, and water color. Edmund Dulac is still one of my heroes in illustration.

I will also be showing more of my cartoons and caricatures and children’s book illustrations. Before I get too much of it out, though, I have to finally work out the layout and navigation of the entire site first so that I don’t have to keep moving things around all the time. I’m finding it amazingly difficult to get my head around what the best way is to divide the site up into sections and categories… WordPress just doesn’t do it intuitively. I’m practicing on different content management systems on another server (where I will eventually move everything) to see what the best system is for my needs. So far I’m looking at WordPress, Joomla, SPIP, Pivot, and TextPattern. For showcasing my photography and artwork I am looking at Gallery 2, Simple Gallery, SmoothGallery, perhaps something I make from scratch. And finally for bringing together tutorials, information on my hobbies, and community lore I’m thinking of using a wiki, in particular TiddlyWiki, which will eliminate the need for complicated navigation.

I just want to stop thinking about all this and simply start writing again. It will really be great when the site can run smoothly as a vessel for my writing and artwork, without all the thinking about the vessel.

I miss drawing. I’ve been doing too little of it for too long.


Wonderful stuff, Miguel. I loved the previous two posts also, especially the ostrich one, which cracked me up. Something about the guy’s little bum sticking out and the way he’s peering. And this dream illustration… well, what can I say. It makes me want to explore.

I’m more than happy for you to forget about the layout/navigation thing and direct your efforts to your writing, illustrations, and photography. Provided we get to see them. Frequently! ;^)


Looks a bit like a layout for a computer game. What are those things in the holes? Do they come out or do you have to fall in? 🙂

Somehow I think I have been living the same dream for the last 7 years, as every one those creepy crawlies seem to have visited the old Japanese house I was staying in.

Nice drawing, though, looking forward to more of your work and the book too.



Wow. I haven’t visited your site for a little while, and now it’s full of pretty amazing art. 🙂

The cartoons in the last two posts are great – and this pen and ink drawing is amazing! You’re man of many talents, my friend. How long did it take you to finish this drawing? It looks very detailed and like an intense piece of work (in more than one sense)…


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