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Six Years Today

I haven’t been writing in the blog lately and so almost forgot that today is the sixth anniversary of Laughing Knees. For those of you who keep up with me on Facebook, you know what has been happening since my last post, but for those who don’t let me just say that the smoke is finally clearing and I’ve made some huge changes in my life. I’m moving to Tokyo to work for a year at my university’s Tokyo campus, I’ve gotten a nice apartment in a nice area of western Tokyo (for those who know, it is in Suginami-ku, north of Kichijoji and Nishi-Ogikubo), and, a totally unexpected, last-minute decision last week (after two and a half months of fruitless seeking an apartment for myself) to move in with a friend who has really been there for me since February. There was a while there when I thought I had completely lost myself and would never make it back, but with slow steps, taking each day at a time, I’ve come back to myself and can get through the days without breaking down, even lots of laughter now. I never knew just how far you can fall if you truly open up your heart to someone. And I never knew, too, that until now I had never really opened myself to anyone.

But it’s Spring and all the possibilities ring through the air! Let’s see what this coming year brings and what I can make of it. WIth a little effort, I think I might just come away feeling that everything was for the best.

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Western Tokyo? I guess that puts you even closer to me now. We will have to take advantage of that…
Congrats on working things out. I wish you the best of luck in the new digs and new campus.


Happy blogday, Miguel! I’m glad to hear that spring is bringing you renewal. The changes in your life should really give you a new, fresh start. Sometimes it seems like major surgery’s needed before real healing can happen. Let the healing begin!


Congratulations, Miguel, both on the anniversary and on the positive changes in your life circumstances. I’m glad you’ve been able to maintain this online space through thick and thin, and hope it’ll be around for years to come.


Happy 6th blogday and congratulations, Miguel, on your new job and home situation, sounds so very positive for you at long last!

Interestingly, our Japanese home stay student lives in Suginami-ku.


Great to hear that positive note in your voice, Miguel. As Dave says, I’m glad you’ve kept blogging and I really look forward to reading more and seeing more of your photos — and, in particular, your wonderful illustrations.


Congratulations on your sixth anniversary – we are the same age and have known each other almost that long, haven’t we? I’m so glad you’re still here and happy to hear about these positive changes in your life. Wishing you the very best always, Miguel!


Happy blogday, and may the adventures of the next year bring sweet and tender memories, as well as plenty of laughter and a heaping portion of smiles into your life. Something about the way you express yourself, and something about your willingness to question and probe the mysteries around you, and something about the person behind the words has always given me an appreciation for your voice. Even though we’ve never met, you have had an impact on my perspective of the world. It is my hope that this coming year brings you renewal and peace, and a dash of exciting adventure. Breathe it all in.


Congratulations on your six years of blogging! By a wild coincidence, I was working on an old laptop that still had a bunch of old links that I never did transfer over to my newer machines and came across yours among them and decided to check it out today. I was pleased to find it still alive and kicking. You probably don’t recall, but I think I commented or emailed you a few years ago when I was also living very close to the Noh River and commuted on the Keio line, and discovered your site shortly after I moved there and was searching online for more information about that river.


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