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Daily Glimpse 8

Please click on the images to enlarge them and see them closer to the way they were intended.


It doesn’t matter how many times I walk a trail, I am always moved by what appears at every turn.


It’s the moving through the places that keeps me enthralled.


A good photograph lights up more than the camera lens; there is a sense of pulling back the curtains and being bathed in the morning sunlight.

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I’m sure you’ve been asked this before, and it’s not really a question…the dimensions of your images – square. I am very intrigued because gravity and peripheral space becomes diffuse, and the story within the photographs is democratic. Did you choose to make them square, and when you take the pictures are you thinking ‘square’ for output? And again, I am and have always admired your photographs. There was a painting in the apt in Germany, over the couch. I had always wanted to ‘be’ there. All your photos do the same thing. I can feel the texture.
Gambatte ne! And have a great time in Vancouver!


Hey Teja,
My camera’s RAW function has the option of taking the photos in square format. I was intrigued by this because until now I’ve always had to think “sideways” when taking photos, but now I have to try to fit the image within the parameters of a frame that makes no distinctions. It’s challenging. Often the camera now forces me to take photos at an angle, much more often than before. It’s similar to the limitations of a fixed lens; you have to work with the rules that the square sets. I have to be really careful not to center everything, which is a tendency with the square. Working in a new format keeps things fresh and while I walk there is a renewed sense of the joy of photography.


Sorry to take so long to respond. I was hoping to get photos up everyday, but work got in the way.

Dale, it means something to me when you tell me that you like something. It’s not something you easily say. So your compliment is especially valuable.

Dave, your words and photos have always done the same thing for me. Sometimes your prolific fecundity is a bit daunting, but it is because of friends like you on the internet that I’ve managed to come this far and not give up. I can honestly say that my photography and writing improved because of the online community with people like you involved.

My father once told me to write an essay about the difference between morning light and evening light. That was hard! I concluded that morning was gold and evening copper.


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