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Daily Glimpse 10

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Maruyama Walk Opa Forest

Walking here reminded me of my walks with my grandfather in the hills east of Hannover, Germany where I was born.

Maruyama Tree Hall

This was just beyond a rope gate along the trail…though there was no one there I had goosebumps as I passed through, feeling there was someone watching and that in the area beyond the gate some dangerous creature haunted.

Maruyama Walk Trailside Rhododendron

Photographs of flowers in the mountains can seem cliche, but as the trail got darker I welcomed the bright color.

3 replies on “Daily Glimpse 10”

What a wonderful series of photographs, daily, I’m really enjoying them, Butuki! And these ones remind me of the Harz Mountains as well with that feeling of spirits hiding around the next tree or hill.


Thanks Marja-Leena. I’ve been out of words for a really long time now and the only way I seem to be able to express myself is in photographs. Somehow hiding behind the lens reassures me and helps me refocus what I see around me. For so long it seemed full of sadness and threat, and perhaps some of that comes out in the photos. I still feel very raw and vulnerable. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever trust anyone again. But recently I’m finding reassurance and joy in little creatures, the way I did when I was a child. This is something I had lost for many years, and having found it again is like rediscovering a long-lost treasure.


And, yes, I was delighted to read that you picked up on the Harz Mountains! I can’t tell you how deeply they are a part of my life… it is part of where I learned to see nature as a part of me and still cradles the core of my understanding of what the world is really made of.


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