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Daily Glimpse 11

Please click on the images to enlarge them and see them closer to the way they were intended.

Maruyama Beast Tree

I began to see spirits in every nook and cranny.

Maruyama Ghost Trail

I was on a ghost walk… but the truth is that it was raining so hard and the air so humid that my lens fogged up at this point. The rest of the trip was taking pictures through a mist…

Maruyama Walk Misty Leaves Sepia

…and though I was irritated at first, I began to have fun seeing everything in a different way.

2 replies on “Daily Glimpse 11”

Thanks Lisa! I’ve been carrying my camera (I now use a Ricoh 200GX, a compact, almost all the time now) everywhere, almost like a third eye. My photography is changing. And the way I see things has changed.


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