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Daily Glimpse 16

This will be my last post for the next three weeks. I’m heading off to Vancouver, Canada today, for some backpacking, slow time walking the streets and sitting in coffee shops, sea kayaking, visiting friends, and, since I’m most likely bringing my bicycle, some riding the horizon. If I can I will write in every now and then, but aside from checking email, I’m going to try to remain computer free as much as possible!

Please click on the images to enlarge them and see them closer to the way they were intended.

Mukashi Michi Tunnel 1

The wind that issued from the mouth of the tunnel tasted stale and acrid.

Mukashi Michi Tunnel 2

Though the camera could see in the dark, I walked almost blind, feeling for the rough surprise of ogre skin.

Mukashi Michi Tunnel 3

End of the line: even as an adult coming across a human relic overgrown with the encroaching wood still conjures up the excitement of discovery of lost cities.

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Hi butuki. Pleased to make your acquaintance. I have seen your comments on Chris’ blog recently. Your comments about rangers and concern for people’s safety particularly struck a chord with me. I think you are right about there being little concern. It seems that as long as people fill in the climber sheet they are expected to know how to take care of themselves. There’s a good article and follow up information in the latest Gakujin magazine about how to prepare for going out in the mountains and what natural phenomena one should be wary of.

I have been scrolling through your photos and enjoying a number of them. I like the black and whites, though I have to ask, are they digital B&Ws? Most of them look good but have a digital look about the greys. I liked your centipede shot. I thought the angle was very original.

I hope you have a good time in Vancouver. I’m from that area. I did a lot of hiking in my days there but now when I check out mountains on Flickr I can see I missed out on many a great scene. Some day I’ll have to go back. Do as much as you can and enjoy!


Miguel 元気?



Hi Everyone,

I’m sorry for my very long silence. Believe me the blog is still active, just been preoccupied with a lot of other things. One thing I did is redesign the entire site and move it over to a new server, and it should be up very soon. I’ve also been quite sick with my diabetes getting badly out of control (funny how that implies that it’s somehow my fault, thought I haven’t really done anything different from the past) and most days being too exhausted to sit down and write properly. But I will be starting up the blog regularly again. I really miss it.


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