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Renewed Roar

Coup de Vent of London and the North will be attending a women’s silent vigil tomorrow night, in protest of Bush’s visit to Britain. After several months of disorientation and almost despair, the widening of the cracks in the American government’s confidence and the vindication of all the warnings and opposition to what Bush tried to force feed the world, it is both heartening and relieving to see. Those of us who argued against going to war, spelling out that what is happening now would happen, can really do nothing but shake our heads and mourn the loss of all those lives. In the case of Bush (and Blair) I hope world anger will rise like a tidal wave and utterly demolish him as a citizen anywhere. The world needs legitimacy and strength for the International Court… where, it would be hoped, Bush will be tried for crimes against humanity (but I have little hope of that).

For now, my heart and hopes hover among the people of Britain who oppose the war. They have, in spite of the waste and ludicrousness of Bush’s visit ( Privaleges and Priorities ) this unprecedented opportunity to finally help drive a stake into the heart of the awful state of affairs of these last three years. The anti-war voices may finally be rising above the noise. And there is no more need to scrape for the right words to counter those who frothed on about the need for war. The truth dragon wants out and there is no denying it when it shakes the earth.

May peace find its way into all our hearts and dwell in the very air we all breathe. Good will and good medicine.

America: Society Iraq War Journal

War of Words

What to say when you see Iraq falling apart and America’s “brave” soldiers shooting into protester crowds? What to say about anything happening with this dirty war? I visited my father yesterday and we discussed what is happening for a while, but our hearts weren’t in it. For almost two years now we’ve been bombarded with bad news. It seems as if it will never end. In disgust, my father declared that he no longer watches news on TV or reads the newspaper. “It’s all lies and propaganda anyway. And what can we do? The American Army is going to do what it wants whatever other people might say.” The cynicism is deep.

Many people against the war are probably asking the same question: is it worth protesting? Bush ignored the millions of people around the war demanding that no war be started. Just like that. As if we didn’t exist.

This war exists because of the media. If you are recognized you have the means to divert people’s minds, even their opinions. You must be careful when reading or watching the news. There are veils behind veils behind veils that you must try to see past. For instance, read this editorial in the World Net Daily News: Hackworth

It carries a lighthearted tone, emphasizing America’s good intentions and innocent outlook. At no time, however, does it criticize itself as being essentially wrong in the first place, just blithely tossing out titbits that it had made a mistake. There is no sense of remorse or guilt at having done exactly the same things Hussein is accused of.

Here is my response to Hackworth… but please read my words with caution. I, too, have prejudices:

Dear Mr. Hackworth,

Just a moment. Are you going to just sit there and declare that Hussein was the only one responsible for the suffering of the Iraqi people in the last 12 years? That the regular bombings that destroyed the basic infrastructure needed for health and the sanctions that denied food and medicine… killing over 500,000 Iraqi children… by the US and Britain, had absolutely no bearing on the suffering of the people? Are you going to blithely deny, or hide, that these actions by the US actually occurred? If you are, then you are a hypocrite and a propagandist, exactly what so many American journalists and media organizations are guilty of in this filthy fiasco.

Hussein was a monster. But so are the Americans who ordered the bombings and the sanctions. Even worse is the headlong rush into this war, with absolutely no justification or international approval (where are the so-called “weapons of mass destruction”? simple: there are none). The propagandists and warmongers who created the frenzy to go to war in the States are all monsters. And Bush the worst of them all.

To continue to harp on demonizing Hussein, without presenting the whole picture, attempting to whisk up unending war frenzy, especially by a so-called journalist, is cheap and cowardly. A people who are unable to critically view themselves and admit their own failings and crimes, are a people who live in denial and fear. You may have a powerful army, but as they say, “might doesn’t make right”. It’s easy to threaten people and scare them into submission when you’ve got the biggest rock in the party, but much more difficult, and needless to say, more mature, to be able to restrain oneself and listen sincerely to what others have to say. Perhaps it is a failing of all aristocrats and bullies to only be able to hear their own words.

When the smoke dissipates what will be left is the kernel of reality and truth. All the stupid veils of words, including mine right here, will have come to mean nothing. Is it such a bad and impossible plea to ask you to genuinely care about the Iraqi innocents and acknowledge the whole truth for them, rather than to sit playing rhetorical games? They sit at the crux of all the game playing, paying with their lives. At least the American soldiers had the choice to join the military. The Iraqi people have just had to take it as it has been dished out.


Miguel Arboleda

Perhaps my father is right. Reading the news hasn’t made an iota of difference. Knowing about the war and what is happening hasn’t helped my spirit or made even my little circle of a world a better place. It certainly hasn’t helped my health. All that is important now is that the Iraqis have a better life. How can I do that? That’s what I want to ponder for a while.