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Cockroach Spray

The whole world seems to have plunged into a kind of “devil’s advocate” weather pattern: huge storms in Asia, freezing weather in the Eastern United States, record temperatures in Europe, and unending grey days in the middle of summer heat season, Japan. I think perhaps the Earth is finally coming around to making her opinions heard concerning all the hoopla from us headless-chicken mites swarming over her sensitive back these last two years. The New York tragedy must have startled her awake (“What’s all that fuss in the airwaves?”). The din of voices following, right past the attack on Afghanistan, must have made her sit up (“Now what?!?”). And the bombing of Baghdad must have sounded like a great banging on her door (“This better not be another oil salesman!”). When she opened it and witnessed the mess in her living room, well, Gaia just doesn’t like rude visitors, especially ones that don’t clean up after they spilled something. I take it that she reached behind the refrigerator, up there just past the Antarctic Circle, and brought out her cockroach spray. So far it seems to have been doing quite nicely in agitating the little creatures, but then Gaia is still half asleep. Hasn’t had her morning coffee yet. Wait until she rolls up her sleeves and takes to ridding the kitchen of the critters. “I’ve been meaning to do that for quite a while now, ” she sighs to Father Time sitting and reading the morning headlines at the dining table. “What a bothersome chore…”