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Sorry everyone for the recent disappearance of my comments writing field. I haven’t a clue what has caused this and I’ve been going through all my plugins and administrative hoochie-koochie trying to figure it out. A real waste of a perfectly good weekend.

To top it off I seem to have attracted the unrelenting attention of some hideous trackback spammer who has every day been sending hundreds of spam to my site. I’ve tried everything to stop the bastard, including turning on being logged in to comment, but I can’t shake him. And last night, by chance, I discovered that the bathybius has seen fit a few weeks ago to hack into my account and create an unauthorized folder with spam links there. Aaaaarrrrggghhhh! I’d like to….!

Give me a few days to figure this out. I’ve been sitting here half the day and I really need to get outside for some fresh air.


Phew! Got the comments worked out. Seemed like I installed a certain plugin a little while ago that set my front page to a static page. That’s part of what I want to develop in the site, but not with the set up I have now. It should be working now.

Blogging Journal


Several people now have commented that they are no longer able to see my pictures when they open my blog. I’m sorry I haven’t answered anyone yet about it, but I have no idea what is wrong. The pictures load fine on my system (Mac OS 10.3.3 and OS 9.2.2, on all four computers), and a number of other people with Windows all seem to not be having any problems either.

For those of you who are not seeing my pictures, are you all using Windows, or is it a Mac problem, too? Which browsers are you all using? All my browsers (Mac versions, unfortunately) of Safari, Netscape, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, and Firefox (iCab downloads the pictures but plays hash with the layout, and OmniWeb just crashes) do just fine with downloading the pictures.

I’m not sure how many of you tweak your browser preferences, but it might make a difference if you go to your menu, click the application name (in Mac) or, I think, the “edit” submenu in Windows, scroll down to “preferences”, go to the equivalent of “web content” (in Internet Explorer) and either check or uncheck the equivalent of “show pictures”. If the box is unchecked for “show pictures” that might be the problem with your browser failing to download the photographs.

But then, some people have said that they see the pictures in others’ pages, but not mine. So it may be a problem on my end. But I haven’t a clue what it might be. Let me do some foraging around and I’ll get back to you all. It may be a few days. I’m just too busy right now to be off on blogging goose chases! Ahhhh!